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Laundry Room Shelving

Laundry Room Shelving - Shelves, Cabinets, and Organizers

If you have a laundry room that’s in serious need of space and organization then laundry room shelving is something that you should consider. Most laundry rooms have small spaces but this small space can easily get cluttered with clothes, soap bars, bleach, washing machine accessories, clothes’ hangers and many more. If you want to start putting order to your laundry room then it’s time to shop for the ideal laundry room cabinets and shelves.

Shelving systems are made from a variety of materials and it’s imperative that you choose the right material for your laundry room. Plastic is a good choice because plastic shelves are very easy to clean. Since your laundry room shelving will definitely be exposed to moisture and water, you need shelves that you can keep dry and clean with just a swipe of a dry cloth. Plastic laundry room shelves can give you this convenience. Plastic shelves also come in a wide array of bright colors so you can select a color that can easily spice up the look of your drab laundry room.

Wire rack laundry room shelving is ideal if you will be storing heavier items such as large baskets of clothes or multiple bottles of detergent. Wire shelving systems are also popular mainly because they have a surface that features openings where spills may easily go through without harming the surface. Just be sure to clean and dry your wire shelves in order to keep rusting at bay.

No matter what type of material you opt for, the most ideal type of laundry room shelving that you can probably purchase is a hanging shelving system. Hanging shelves not only take up minimal space in your garage, but they can also look very stylish and make things easier to reach. You can install hanging shelves by yourself to save on labor costs.

The first thing you need to do is to prepare the materials you will need. Of course, you will need the kit of hanging shelves that you purchased. Next, prepare a pencil, a measuring tape, a screw gun, a level and a stud finder. Start by marking the highest point on the wall where you want the shelf installed. Then using the level, determine where the lowest point of the shelf will go. Once you find the wall studs where the hanging shelves will be installed, make additional marks. With your measurement markings complete on the wall, you can then proceed to screw on your hanging laundry shelf units.

In installing your hanging shelves, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. One is to always wear safety glasses during the installation. These will protect your eyes from screws and other tiny accessories. You should also remember not to turn the screws too tightly. You may think that this is making your shelves more secure, but overly tight screws can actually decrease your shelving system’s strength.

There are also horizontal beams that you can add to your laundry room shelving system for those clothes’ hangers. Once your shelves are set up, you can begin storing your laundry materials in an organized and beautiful manner.

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