The many forms of plastic shelves and other varieties

Plastic Cabinets

Plastic cabinets present you with a cheap and easy form of storage, ideal for the garage or laundry room, and file cabinets for an office.

In the workplace or home there can be a need for storage to ensure that equipment and belongings are kept safe and easy to hand. While most properties will have some built in storage locations there may be a need for additional space and a simple way of providing this is with plastic cabinets.

There are a variety of plastic cabinets on the market and these can be used for a range of applications. Cabinets fashioned of plastic can come in a couple of different styles. There are those that have doors which can be opened to reveal shelving and storage space and there are others which comprise a cabinet with drawers for storing materials. Either of these can range in size from small enough to fit on a desktop to full height storage cabinets.

Plastic cabinets have a range of applications. In the workplace most people will use papers, pencils, pens and other smaller pieces of stationary. A small plastic desktop cabinet can be ideal for storing these in a tidy manner. Cabinets that have a set of drawers can be ideal for this, with each drawer being used to store a selection of different items. This will help to keep a desk tidy and stationary items easy to hand when needed.

Larger plastic cabinets are also useful accessories to have available. Typically these can be wall mounted if not too large in size. However all sizes of cabinets made from plastic can be free standing. These can be useful for keeping rooms tidy and can be used in garages, basements, kitchens and other rooms to neatly store a range of belongings. The size of these can vary from a cabinet with two or three drawers to full height cabinets with locking doors and interior shelving.

There are a number of manufacturers that produce plastic cabinets for sale. Rubbermaid is one of the most well known and they produce a range of free standing and wall mounted cabinets in plastic. These vary in size from a 24 inch wall cabinet to a full size, 60 cubic feet free standing cabinet. The price for these varies from around $100 for the smaller cabinet to around $200 for the full size cabinet. Another manufacturer that has cabinets manufactured from plastic available is Sterilite. They have 2 shelf and 4 shelf models available which cost from around $45 to $90 to purchase.

Cabinets manufactured from plastic can be found in a number of outlets. Discount retailers such as Target and Walmart can be some of the more affordable locations to find them for sale. However there are also a number of web retailers which stock and sell them and these include Simplastics and Space Savers.

Having somewhere to store belongings and equipment can keep your home or workplace a neater place to be. Plastic cabinets are a simple and affordable way to do this. With the variety of offer it should not be too difficult to find a cabinet manufactured from plastic that suits your needs and the budget you have available.

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